4-input, video & stereo remote switcher in compact ABS case with mounting flanges. Designed for use with control systems such as AMX or Crestron but can be controlled from a simple switch panel or parallel interface (not supplied).

Functionally identical to the Cinde 4AVS except switching is effected by a 2-bit binary code instead of 1-of-4. Unlike the C4AVS, switching is non latching so the binary selection must be held remotely.

Video Bandwidth DC - 9MHz
Audio Bandwidth 10Hz - 22KHz
Distortion (audio) <0.1%
Spurious signals (audio) -72dB
Input Impedance 47K (audio), 75 ohm (video)
Output Impedance 100 ohm (audio), 75 ohm (video)
Nominal Signal Levels 1Vp-p (video), 200mV to 2VRMS (audio)
Connections RCA (video & audio) D9 (control; male on unit)
Indicators Power LED, Channel indicator LED's
Power 240V, 50Hz, 7W, 2-pin lead fitted
Dimensions 150x80x52 deep
Weight <1Kg
Packing Cardboard box, 0.0015m3, 1Kg
Warranty 2 years

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