A general purpose 1-into-4 Y/C distribution amplifier for installation use. The compact ABS case has mounting flanges and block diagram on the cover. Designed with economy in mind, this is possibly the lowest cost S-VHS VDA on the market, but employs the same high integrity circuitry as our mainline products to ensure superb signal reproduction. Unity gain (terminated).

Image: Perspective View (35K jpg)

Video Bandwidth DC - 25MHz
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Output Impedance 75 ohm
Nominal Signal Levels 1Vp-p
Connections 4-pin mini-DIN
Indicators Power LED
Power 240V, 50Hz, 7W, 2-pin lead fitted
Dimensions 150x80x52 deep
Weight <1Kg
Packing Cardboard box, 0.0015m3, 1Kg
Warranty 2 years

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