Cinde 82yc Video/YC/Stereo Matrix Switcher

The CINDE 82YCu is a versatile switcher suitable for any application where up to 8 video and/or audio sources are to be selected for routing to 1 or 2 outputs. The outputs are fully independent, making the CINDE 82YCu a true matrix switcher with many added features.

Four of the inputs are dual standard, either composite video (BNC) or separate Y and C (e.g. S-VHS) (mini-DIN). The two main outputs will convert Y/C to composite video, therefore always supplying a standard video output regardless of whether the selected input is composite or Y/C. Additionally a Y/C (mini-DIN) output will supply Y/C whenever a Y/C input is selected for output channel 1.

A control input on the back panel accepts serial data from a control system such as AMX or Crestron, or an infrared remote control sensor, enabling powerful automated control options. Up to 3 CINDE 82YCu's can be connected to the same serial line and controlled independently by selecting different code sets via internal links.

An internal link allows a FOLLOW option whereby output 2 always follows the selection made for output 1, but not vice-versa; designed for presentation applications where output 2 is used as a PREVIEW channel and will therefore echo any selection made for the main output, but can then be operated independently for cueing without affecting the main channel.

Stereo audio follows video for all selections.

Front View (13K jpg)
Back View (17K jpg) (Older model shown: control port is now 3-pin Phoenix type)

Video Bandwidth DC - 9MHz -3dB (composite, luma)
Chroma Bandwidth 10Hz - 6MHz -1dB
Audio Bandwidth 10Hz - 22KHz -3dB
Spurious Signals (audio) <72dB
Audio Distortion <0.1%
Video diff. phase <1 deg.
Input Impedance 75 ohm (video, y, c), 47K (audio)
Output Impedance 75 ohm (video, y, c), 100 ohm (audio)
Nominal Signal Levels 1Vp-p (video), 200mV - 2V RMS (audio)
Connections BNC (video inputs), RCA (video outputs), 4-pin mini DIN (y/c), RCA (audio), 3-pin Phoenix (serial remote control)
Indicators Power LED, channel selection LED's
Power 240V, 50Hz, 7W
Dimensions 483x210x44 (1RU steel case)
Weight 3.5Kg
Packing Cardboard box, 0.012m3, 4Kg
Warranty 2 years

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