Cinde 100 Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier

Designed as a duplication amplifier, the Cinde 100AV splits incoming video and line-level audio to 10 outputs with absolute integrity. Isolation between outputs ensures faultless performance even if one or more outputs are inadvertently shorted.

Images: Perspective View (14K jpg)
Front View (11K jpg)
Back View (16K jpg)

Video Bandwidth DC - 50MHz -3dB
Audio Bandwidth 10Hz - 22KHz -3dB
Spurious Signals (audio) <72dB
Audio Distortion <0.1%
Video diff. phase <1 deg.
Input Impedance 75 ohm (video), 47K (audio)
Output Impedance 75 ohm (video), 100 ohm (audio)
Nominal Signal Levels 1Vp-p (video), 200mV - 2V RMS (audio)
Connections BNC (video) Gold plated RCA (audio)
Indicators Power LED
Power 240V, 50Hz, 7W
Dimensions 483x210x44 (1RU steel/aluminium case)
Weight 3.5Kg
Packing Cardboard box, 0.012m3, 4Kg
Warranty 2 years

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